Operations and Administration

Here is an overview of the internal workings of the agency and the roles of various departments

Administration and Supplies Department

  • Taking charge of the general administration of the agency;
  • Advising on general administration matters;
  • Responsible for assisting in the formulation of policies and execution;
  • Advising on all procurement activities of the departments in the agency.

Finance and Account Department

  •  Preparation of Payment Voucher for staff,  and other related salary deductions;
  • Preparation and printing of payment slip;
  • Preparation and printing of pay and tax evidence for the processing of tax clearance certificate at Board of Internal Revenue.

Commercials Department

The department is saddled with sensitization of the general public.

Engineering Department

  • Maintenance of plants and machineries under the care of the agency;
  • Advise the agency on better equipment that can help the agency in executing its duties.

Environmental Health Service Department

This departmentimplement environmental health policies through monitoring and ensuring best health practices are strictly adhered to.

Planning, Research and Statistics

Conduct survey and study as to how best the agency can improve in the discharge of its duties