Oyo Govt. Births New Solid Waste Mgt System

…promises not to demolish encroached buildings on Awotan dumpsite.

Oyo State Government says it has birthed a new waste management system in the State, adding that it has no plans to demolish buildings which have encroached on Awotan dumpsite.

The Commissioner of Environment and Natural Resources, Mr. Kehinde Ayoola revealed this on Tuesday, in a town-hall meeting held with host Communities and residents of Awotan/Akufo in Ibadan.

The town-hall meeting came on the heels of fears nursed by residents of Awotan that houses which encroached on the space of the dumpsite might be demolished by Oyo State Government, while the Commissioner also sought for their co-operation in ending the menace caused by the dumpsite.

Ayoola, said the Oyo State Government has put in place, proper measures to upscale the solid waste management, which is better efficient and would solve the problem of urban solid waste management in the State.

He added that to achieve the largely private-sector driven system, Oyo State Government has brought on board Macpresse West Africa Ltd, a waste management and recycling facility, headed by Mr. Idowu Salawu.

He noted that the company, with over 20 years’ experience in the Environment sector, would assist the State Government in reducing pollution at Ajakanga and Awotan dumpsites and manage Oyo State’s waste management system effectively.

Represented by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Dr. Bashir Olanrewaju, the Commissioner noted that the new solid waste management architecture in the State would ensure proper collection, disposal and management of waste in the State, which would henceforth not have adverse effects on residents of Awotan and its environs.

“Oyo State Government, under the leadership of Governor Seyi Makinde has approved the rehabilitation of two dumpsites in the State, at Ajakanga and Awotan dumpsites. The rehabilitation process is starting at Awotan dumpsite”.

Speaking during the meeting, the Managing Director, Macpresse West Africa Ltd, Mr. Idowu Salawu, said the company’s mandate is to upgrade, rehabilitate and reclaim dumpsites in the State.

He added that Macpresse West Africa Limited would expand the efficiency of the solid waste in the State according to international best practice for Oyo State.

While he reassured residents of Araro, Akufo and Awotan of Government’s magnanimity not to demolish any building, Salawu also called for collective responsibility of the residents in having a smooth upscale in the waste collection operations at the Awotan dumpsite.

Salawu also promised indigenous participation at the dumpsite, by providing employment opportunities for residents, adding that his company would support indigenous workers and ensure it decongests the dumpsite in a short while.

In their separate responses, the Osi Baale Awotan-Adaba, Chief Amusa Akangbe and the Chairman, Awotan-Araro-Akufo Community Association, Elder Ayoade Fajimi thanked the State Government for fulfilling its promises to bring development to Awotan community.




Hon. Wasiu Olatunbosun, PhD.,

Hon. Commissioner,

Min. of Information, Culture & Tourism,

Oyo State Government.

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Makinde Directs Payment Of Five Months Salaries Of OYWMA Workers Within 24 Hours

Oyo State Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde, on Tuesday, directed the immediate payment of five months outstanding (more…)

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Oyo Govt Seals Filling Station Under Construction

The Oyo State Government has sealed a filling station, under construction in Ibadan, based on negative impact the facility would have on a nearby Primary School and persons living within the premises.

Honourable Commissioner of Environment and Natural Resources, Hon. Kehinde Ayoola, revealed that Oyo State Government issued the directive, following petitions received from residents and business owners.

The filling station, which is under construction at Apata area within Ibadan metropolis is situated very close to St. Michael’s Primary school, Apata, Ibadan and other business facilities.

Ayoola, who visited the site along with Environmental Health Officers of the State said the visit was aimed at accessing the environmental impact of the construction site and take measures that would promote a friendly environment devoid of environmental threats, particularly the pupils of the School.

“As a responsive and responsible Government, the safety and well-being of residents is paramount to us, which must not be compromised most importantly when a school is involved. Governor Seyi Makinde’s administration, having education as one of its cardinal agenda, would not allow anything to hinder the success of its education of our pupils” he said.

“We have to put a stop work order and seal up this facility considering the fact that it does not have environmental impact assessment report and some other necessary permit that regulates environmental activities of the State” he added

Hon. Ayoola further said that though as a State that encourages myriad of business opportunities and entrepreneurship development, business activities should not be carried out at the detriment of the people. However, the Government is saddled with the responsibility of protecting the people from any environmental hazards that may likely have negative impact on them

The Hon. Commissioner asserted that the action was to correct the unfriendly habits of degrading the environment which may be susceptible to people’s health.



Hon. Wasiu Olatunbosun, PhD.,

Hon. Commissioner,

Min. of Information, Culture & Tourism,

Oyo State Government.

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Oyo Govt Takes Awareness Campaign to Oyo Township Markets

No fewer than three major markets in Oyo town were sensitized on the need to maintain clean environment during an awareness campaign embarked upon by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources recently at the ancient town.

The Commissioner for the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Hon. Kehinde Ayoola who led the sensitization team comprising of the Permanent Secretary, Dr Bashir Olanrewaju,  Directors and Environmental Health Officers of the Ministry as well as Heads of Local Government Administrators in Oyo town, representatives of  Non Governmental Organisations, market leaders among others, said there was dire need to urgently embrace safe environmental habits by the residents of Oyo State to have quality living condition.

The visit to the popular Akesan, Sabo and Ajegunle markets held during the monthly environmental sanitation exercise, thus, provided opportunity to monitor the level of compliance of the residents of Oyo town to environmental laws of the State

Ayoola, while addressing the market traders delved into the benefits associated with living in clean environment, noting that such culture could help in achieving a healthy and aesthetics environment for all and sundry.

He noted that indiscriminate dumping of refuse could unleash untold health and environmental disasters of unimaginable magnitude the lives of residents and the society in general.

“It is unhealthy to see accumulation of refuse anywhere as it harbors vectors of diseases and epidemics. In this age as far as environment is concerned, our desire for a clean environment represents a powerful sense of destiny and hope for the future.

“We urge the people of Oyo town to imbibe the culture of clean environment and develop strong aversion for bad attitude like indiscriminate dumping of refuse in drainage and waterways which usually cause flooding.”

The Commissioner, further, averred that it was increasingly becoming impossible to isolate man from his immediate environment, be it natural or artificial, hence, the act of keeping clean environment should be an act of collective responsibility for the residents of Oyo State.

According to him, citizens must desist from the obnoxious act of indiscriminate dumping of refuse and other unfriendly environmental practices capable to destroying the ecosystem of the State, urging the residents to embrace the culture of proper waste disposal which could to a large extent, reduce environmental risks

“People of Oyo State need to be mindful of their environment, that is what God has given us and we must value it. In a situation where people don’t want to oblige environmental laws and sanitation, we have enforcement agencies empowered by law to impose sanctions on such individuals,” he stressed

In his reaction, the Chairman of Ajegunle Market, Alhaji Moshood Anifalaje expressed profound appreciation on behalf of the traders for the enlightenment campaign. He pledged the support of the market men and women in complying with the environmental laws, standard regulations of the State.

He further assured the Commissioner that the market traders would henceforth, cooperate with waste contractors in ensuring regular, timely and proper evacuation of their wastes

Meanwhile, the Hon. Commissioner held agenda setting meeting with the Heads of Local Government Administrators and Environmental Health Officers of the four Local Government areas in Oyo Federal constituency.

The agenda of the meeting was to harmonize the combined strategies the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and the various Local Government areas in curbing environmental menace in Oyo metropolis while also creating effective measures capable of sustaining an environmentally friendly environment




Hon. Wasiu Olatunbosun, PhD.,

Hon. Commissioner, 

Min. of Information, Culture & Tourism,

Oyo State Government.

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Legends, Beliefs that turn Rivers to Waste Dumps

‘Odo-Ogba, Gbaa Bee Bee, Ko To Nkan’!

That used to be the popular song we chanted whenever we wanted to throw wastes in the Odo-Ogba while we were coming from school in the early eighties.

I attended Methodist Primary school, Ago-Mokeye, Ekunle Iseyin and parts of the fun as a young pupil then was to throw wastes and pebbles in the river while we were on the bridge and watch it sail across to the other side and along the river channel.

Some will leave home with their thrash in protruding bags and their school bags dangling on the neck to drop the waste in Odo-Ogba and join others in the race not to get to school late.

Pictures of Araba trees along the river line, adorned with white cloth and calabash of fresh offering containing cold pap sprinkled with palm oil, some kolanuts, bitter cola, banana and a number of coins still flashed through my memory.

The last item was always our interest. We would waddle through the river to the fearful tree, pick the coins and rinse off the palm oil in the river. Off we go to school to spend our ‘fortune’ on kulikuli (groundnut cake), puff puff and guguru (pop corn).

I can still remember houses by the sides of the Ogba river being submerged whenever it rained heavily and our classmates that lived there with their parents would be forced to relocate to other neighbours’ houses pending the time the raging river would calm and leave the extreme banks.

We usually heard our affected friends relay the methods undertaken by their fathers to appease the river.

“Baami went to see baba onifa (the Ifa diviner) yesterday. They have done etutu (appeasement) and place it by the Iroko tree by the river side,” so said Ojo one of the victims and my classmate.

Then I realized where our coins came from. These people would do the same thing year in, year out, thinking it was the appeasement that soften the heart of Odo-Ogba which made it less floody after each violent submerge and destruction.

The experience above encapsulates the current situation of flood and its major causes in Oyo State as Government overtime has expended so much time, resources and money on annual dredging, campaign against indiscriminate dumping in the rivers and even to the extent of enforcing compliance with the establishment of mobile courts across the State.

Oyo State Commissioner for Environment and Natural Resources, Hon. Kehinde Ayoola warned recently when alongside officials from the Ibadan Urban Flood Management Project, (IUFMP), he visited some areas where flood wrecked havoc on residents after it rained for over two hours on Tuesday 27th, August 2019 that until rainfall recedes, the fear of flooding would gang over residents of the areas where houses were built near rivers.

The areas where the rivers and streams overflowed their banks in Ibadan on that day included Ogundipe and Arikemase community at Olodo area of Egbeda Local Government in Ibadan.

According to him, a good number of buildings in those areas were erected on waterways and road setbacks, especially in the flood -prone areas, warning that it would not be business as usual anymore.

“It would be recalled that during the last workshop programme on flood forecast, early warning service and implementation, it was categorically stated that Oyo State was likely to experience flooding this September due to the climate change, hence the need for residents living in such flood-prone areas to vacate immediately so as to avert loss of lives and properties.

“The forecast has came to reality and you could see the level of the water of rivers and streams in the targeted areas. We do not need to wait to have dead victims and destroyed properties before we act. That is why we are visiting these areas to reinstate the warning for residents to vacate the areas and stop dumping indiscriminately.

“The natural order would not allow anything to block waterways. Water body is powerful when it comes as a flood and flood is as a result of inability of the water to pass through its natural course. So government will soon start pulling down structures that are obstructing easy passage of water and those caught dumping refuse in these rivers will soon face the law,” he announced.

The former Speaker further stated that the present administration in Oyo State would not stand by watching community dwellers endangering their lives by dumping refuse by road side, adding that plans were rife by government to dredge and expand river channels at the Ona river at Olodo Community in Egbeda Local Government.

To prevent flooding, Hon. Ayoola advised Community dwellers to desist from dumping wastes into rivers, drainages and other water ways and also stop erecting buildings in flood-prone areas and for children to be guided when passing through water areas as a preventive measures to keep them from drowning as he spoke extensively with the people.

On the myth of feeding the river spirits with refuse, the Commissioner laughed off the idea, calling it archaic and unfounded. According to him, “old ideas that have destructive tendencies on our lives and living should be avoided. The river is like the passage of our mouth or the digestive system, if anything blocks the passage, there is problem. People should desist from engaging in such act. The river also has its own live and system. Stop blocking its way with refuse and illegal buildings,” he warned.

It is my wish that we will all realize the folly in dumping refuse in rivers to appease the gods. Even the gods do not eat waste. They feed on fresh fish in the river that are not poisoned by human waste.

‘The gods are not to blame’!!!

Alhazan Abiodun Rilwan is the Editor and Head ICT, Oyo State Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, Ibadan.



Hon. Wasiu Olatunbosun, PhD.,

Hon. Commissioner, 

Min. of Information, Culture & Tourism,

Oyo State Government.

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